Love is a very strong sentiment that every individual experience several times during their life. Whether it is the love for you parents, siblings, spouse or child, the sentiment of love has several ways of expression. Symbols are a type of expression that has been used by humankind since historic times. These symbols of love go beyond the use of hearts and cupids, the symbols of love that we know today. Here are a few symbols from different cultures that signify true love.


It may come as a surprise for most of you who are reading this, but an apple was considered as a symbol of unconditional love in many cultures such as the Chinese culture and the Greek mythology. This is the reason why this fruit has attracted a lot of attention in the tales and mythologies as a symbol of love. The picture of Venus, the goddess of love, is always shown as holding an apple in the ancient art forms because the apple stands for long lasting romantic relationship. In ancient Greece, love was expressed by throwing an apple.

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is a finger ring that in the Irish mythology stands for love loyalty and friendship. It was first designed in the 17th century in a small fishing village in Galway, Ireland. It is a traditional ring has a heart, a crown and two hands in its design which can be of simple metal or studded with natural or lab grown diamonds hatton garden. This ring truly symbolizes love of every kind with the hands symbolizing friendship, the heart symbolizing love and the crown symbolizing loyalty.


The design of this unique musical instrument signified the connection between the heaven and earth by strings of love or bridge of love. The soothing tunes of the harp has been traditionally used in the love ballads by the people of the Celtic culture. According to them, King David played the harp to demonstrate his undying dedication and love for the Lord.

The Maple leaf

One of the most genuine love symbols in Japan and China is the maple leaf. For a very long time the maple leaf has been associated with fertility and the joy of giving birth. The stork uses the maple leaf to build its nest. It depicts the sweetness and wonders of love and is kept at the foot of the bed in America to keep the negative energies at bay. Therefore, the maple leaf is the symbol of various kinds of love and not just the romantic one. Wedding rings hatton garden are also customized for the love symbol as well.

Rose quartz

Often mentioned and referenced in ancient mythology and old folklore from all over the world, rose quartz has been thought to be the symbol of romantic love since 600 BC. The pretty pink stone signified love and romance as mentioned in the old scriptures of China, Egypt and Greece. The people of these regions believed that combining meditation along with the pink rose quartz could attract true love. So, if you have a crush on someone, gift them rose quartz to let them know.

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