When you started to consider moving to a Wi-Fi 6 router Wi-Fi 6E is on the way. And it’s costly. Netgear unveiled its latest 6E-related product today with that of the Orbi Quad-B as well as the Mesh WiFi 6E RBKE960 series. This is the first quad-band mesh Wi-Fi 6E product, but it’s not the first 6E Wi-Fi mesh router (the $1,200 Linksys Atlas Max 6E received that distinction earlier in the year). It comes with an 2.4 5GHz band as well as two 5-GHz bands, and a brand new 6GHz band, the $1,500 device also supports four networks right out from the start, including one that was designed exclusively for your unsecure connected devices for your home. If that’s not enough to make people excited enough, Netgear is offering a limited-edition colour… black.This incredible expensive system ($500 higher than the Orbi’s costly tri-band Wi-Fi 6 model) is able to support multi-gigabit internet. Netgear states that even if your house isn’t equipped with many Wi-Fi 6E users (which will not be the case) it will provide an increase in speeds that can reach 30% due to the huge amount of radios that are packed into (each band is equipped with four 4-way MIMO support and the device is rated as AXE11000) as well as the updated antenna designs. This is a stacked device. It’s also huge.

“It’s a complex product and therefore challenging to get all this technology into a smaller form factor,” Ravindra Bhilave the director of management of products at Netgear I spoke to him during an interview prior to the announcement. While its rivals like Nest and Eero are more subtle and compact styles, Netgear is sticking with Orbi’s bold and confident look. In one instance, Netgear even decided to reverse the process of redefining the design of the router, the release of a black version. I’ve certainly spent many minutes complaining about how black (and in fairness black) plastic boxes don’t look nice in the majority of homes.

The capability to create an additional smart home network with the Orbi system is an intriguing idea, though how exactly it will be executed is yet to be seen. Netgear says that the transition from one network to the other will be “seamless.” So, when your phone is connected to the normal network, while you’re trying control other devices that are on this smart home network shouldn’t be any problems. It’s a problem that many some people face when they attempt to use the Guest Network as a smart home network since guest networks are intended to be separated from other networks that could cause problems with communication. Netgear has also stated Smart home gadgets typically are “not friendly with band-steering,” and this particular network can ensure that devices are on the same band.Orbi is always highly rated for its reliability and performance even though it’s not able to fit in with your décor of your home, as a Plume , or do dual functions in the form of a speaker, like the Nest or an intelligent home hub like the Eero is able to. Do you really need Wi-Fi 6E? Do you have to shell out $1,500 to get better Wi-Fi? It’s not right now. However, in the next few years, you may wish you could have. If you’re the looking for an upgrade to your router, it might be worth looking into.

The reason for this is that Wi-Fi 6E is the whole band 6GHz. This gives greater spectrum to support multi-gigabit speeds for compatible laptops and smartphones (a few of which are compatible with it). There’s a lot more to like with Wi-Fi 6. (read the comprehensive explanation of the technology for more specifics) as well as the Orbi system also comes with its own 6E network that you can configure for these devices. Netgear chose not to utilize 6GHz as the primary backhaul as Linksys tried with only limited results based on our initial tests. Instead, it makes use of the 5GHz band that is second in. Bhilave claims that the team made this decision because 5GHz offers greater range than 6.

Other features comprise an improved WAN port (for your internet connection that is coming in) which now supports speeds up to 10 gigabits of bandwidth, and an additional 2.5-gigabit ports on routers, as well as three additional ethernet ports for each device, which means you can connect all your TVs to the internet. They also support wired backhaul like the other Orbi systems. Netgear claims that its three-pack covers more than 9,000 sq feet and it can be expanded further by purchasing additional satellites for $599. This Orbi quad-band mesh WiFi 6E System RBKE963 is available to be ordered today within the US and UK at Netgear.com and is coming to other countries once WiFi 6E is officially approved.

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