Just because you’re wearing a hair system, it doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want on top of your new head of beautiful hair. Whether it’s a hat, helmet, hood or scarf, there are things to keep in mind as far as the materials and whether your hair will remain in the best possible shape. We will be taking a look at headwear and hair systems in this blog.


Just like a pillowcase made out of cotton or flannel, a hat using these materials or wool can damage your hair. The friction when the material meets with your hair can cause your hair system to tangle, break and experience knotting. Additionally, these materials can absorb moisture from the hair system which causes it to look and feel dry which nobody wants.

If you are looking to wear a hat, we recommend the following tips:

  • Look for hats that use material such as satin, polyester, acetate, silk, nylon, acrylic, canvas, or faux fur to name a few.
  • Instead of hats that are knitted or crocheted, look for hats that are women as this allows for a smoother surface and ensures your hair doesn’t get caught in the material.
  • Avoid tightly-fitted hats as this can not only cause friction, but can be uncomfortable and cause overheating, especially with poly skin hair systems.
  • Avoid fuzzy fibers as this only makes your own hair fuzzy.
  • Avoid putting any headwear on, never do it while your hair is wet as this can cause tangling and breakage.


If you’re biking to work or need to regularly use a helmet on top of your hair system, it’s always recommended to wear a headscarf underneath. This helps protect your hair from the friction that arises whenever you put the helmet on and off. With that said, it’s not a necessity, but if you’re one of the few who wears a helmet more than most, this can help your hair system in the long run.


This is more of a problem for those with hair systems that use longer hair than short, but hoods from coats or hoodies can also tangle your hair up. Like with hats, look for hoods that use hair-friendly materials so your hair system remains tangle-free.


Just like with hoods, scarves are not a problem if you have short hair. However, scarves can cause tangles and potential breakage if you’re wearing them during the winter on top of your long hair from a full cap wig or hair extensions. We recommend opting for scarves made of silk, acrylic, acetate or any other similar fibers that won’t end up tangling your hair.


Whether you’re wearing toupees or wigs for men, these headwear tips apply to both and should keep your hair system in the best condition possible.


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