Design solutions hit the jewelry market this year. Since many people love to wear rings, styles were invented that were not only remembered by others, but also conquered the modern world. Minimalism and plastic, modern and classic – trends change and at the same time remain for years.

Rings for women: what’s in fashion

This year’s trends attract attention with their individuality, courage and unusual combinations. Jewelry accessories have found a touch of the following trends:

  • luxury and glitter (bright stones and sparkles are an integral attribute on the surface of gold and silver items);
  • neo-romanticism and vintage (rings and rings made of gold and silver, which have long been kept in old grandmother’s boxes, have become fashionable);
  • inspiration in wildlife (no one forbade experiments, so natural forms made of white gold will come in very handy for any image).

In addition, asymmetry took a special place, since thin and sensual, perceptible and small rings are what will emphasize not only the outfit, but also the refined hand of a woman’s hand.

Which precious metal rings to wear for men

This year, unusual and bold shapes have been created for real men. These include not only the naturalness of the motives, but also the brilliance and luxury – processed and unprocessed metals of various colors in combination with precious stones. So, a strong half of humanity should pay attention to diamond facets in rings, multi-colored gold, rhodium plating, precious stones. The main thing is that the accessory is in harmony with the whole image, fits not only the watch, but also a tie, bow tie, shoes, trousers, jacket, shirt, etc.

What are the trendy silver metal rings this year?

This year still won over all ring lovers, as the designers presented to the market options from cheaper raw materials – silver. Among the trends are minimalist directions, as well as eclecticism. This means that double models, which are worn on the upper and lower phalanx, are what you should pay attention to. Moreover, they must be decorated with expensive stones. The ring in the form of springs, snakes, open forms are also in vogue. In general, it is ethnic motifs that are offered by modern jewelry creators, who assure that such jewelry will be in trend for many years to come and will suit any outfit and image, and even everyday.

By Mack Allen

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