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Women have very busy lives, all thanks to family, children, work, etc. So, taking care of our skin becomes difficult even if it is just cleaning off the make-up from our face. The best options available now are face wipes, which just take less than a second to clean off everything. However, have we ever wondered how these wipes are affecting our environment?

Makeup wipes are very difficult to breakdown and they stick around these landfills for a longer time. Another culprit is the cotton pads. You may ask how these cotton pads are harmful, as they are just cotton. These are harmful because the method of making them including the mixing and bleaching process makes it difficult for it to breakdown.

We all have this time constraint in our life, but we never thought how it affects the environment. Here we are talking about another option called reusable face pads, which are eco-friendly and the best option for all of us. The willow trader in UKis having these products for you. They have a good range of products like reusable cotton pads in UK. Here are few benefits for the same:

  1. It is very cost-effective. It may cost you less than your cotton pads, which you need to buy regularly. However, these reusable face pads can be used multiple times, hence buying them in a year becomes less as compared to normal cotton pads. 
  2. The cotton pads that you use are affecting your environment badly, as they are just filling up the landfills and are not biodegradable. In short, they are just damaging our mother earth. On top of it, these cotton pads come in a plastic bag, which itself is harmful to our environment.
  3. Another good thing about reusable face pads is that it works wonders on your skin. It doesn’t cause any harm to your skin as it is made of organic bamboo and it is very soft too. Wipes that are impregnated with cleanser or chemicals cause harm to your skin, but these cloth pads are less abrasive on your skin. You may use it on your eyes too to remove any waterproof mascara. It will not have any bad effect on your eyes too.
  4. Lastly, they are very easy to be maintained as you can use them multiple times i.e. minimum of 100 washes. So, every time you use it, you just have to place it in the washing machine and it is as new as the first-time use. Also, its disposing method is easy too as you just need to put it in the compost bin and you don’t have to worry as all the materials are biodegradable.

It is always better to think about your environment as it is the one which keeps you healthy and clean. Hence, it is your responsibility to stop using these harmful wipes and cotton pads and keep your mother earth free from such items and it is beneficial for your skin too. Remember one thing even while selecting these reusable pads are easy to use and care for, it means the clothes can be machine washed many times at 30 degrees.

By Mack Allen

Mack Allen is the author of Elite Home Ideas and the founder of ebizz.co.uk. He has worked with authors for a decade to help them build their platform, connect with readers, and sell more guest posts.

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