The prospectus of UPSC Civil Services Examination GS-4 (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude) is very comprehensive. It is for all intents and purposes difficult to cover the full prospectus.

For instance, the point ‘Commitments of moral scholars and rationalists from India and world’, itself is tremendous to such an extent that you really want many books to finish this part totally.

Appropriately, the books regarding the matter become very colossal in size and it turns out to be beyond difficult to recollect everything regarding the prospectus. For instance, the most famous book for this paper viz. “Morals, Integrity and Aptitude English for Civil Services Examination” by Mr G. Scuba Rao and P N Roy Chowdhury is almost 800 enormous pages or around 400,000 words.

Regardless of whether you have concentrated on everything from each book, still you would observe the genuine UPSC questions challenging to address. Allow us to take the case of the accompanying inquiry posed to last year (2017),

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Q10. You are trying to turn into an IAS official and you have cleared different stages and presently you have been chosen for the individual meeting. Upon the arrival of the meeting, en route to the scene you saw a mishap where a mother and youngster who end up being your family members were severely harmed. They required quick assistance.

What might you have done in such a circumstance? Legitimize your activity. (250 Words)

This question is 20/250 imprints and you barely have 12-14 minutes to think and compose the response in 250 words.

You wouldn’t have the option to address this question effectively, in any case, profoundly you have concentrated on all hypotheses of this paper. You are completely confounded in the wake of understanding this.

On the off chance that you drop your family members to the emergency clinic, you might miss the meeting and lose your opportunity.

Assuming you go on leaving your family members on this condition, it is exceptionally deceptive.

You are accordingly in quandary and the hypothetical information isn’t probably going to help.

Assuming you attempt to be optimistic and really like to forfeit your profession, you might seem moral yet not functional since you additionally realize that you are probably not going to forfeit your vocation in such circumstances.

Assuming that you determine what you would really do, you lose your imprints.

You can compose the most appropriate solution to such inquiries, just when you have drilled many such contextual analyses managing comparative kinds of difficulty during your planning.

I have endeavored the accompanying solution to this inquiry.

This is actually a remarkable and sad circumstance. You have arranged for quite a long time for the common administrations and cleared different stages and presently you are on the last phase of your determination cycle. You can’t stand to botch this open door nor would you be able to become horrible and dishonest by permitting your relative in the basic condition.


The main goal ought to be to give quick assistance to the family member. Since the applicants by and large begin ahead of schedule for the interview, they might have some additional time available to them. You can promptly enlist a taxi and take your family members to the medical clinic. You can all the while call your folks, companions or different family members to race to the spot or the clinic with the goal that everything customs can be dealt with in the clinic even in your nonattendance.

When all the plans are made, you can quickly hurry to the scene of the UPSC interview. It would be smarter to take a few photos on your cell phone of the occasion which can be displayed to the concerned authority to clarify the reasons of your deferral. Since there are a few meetings planned for a day by the UPSC, they should be able to reschedule your meeting in the final part or sometime in the future. They may likewise give you an elective date for the meeting, on the off chance that every day interview is impractical.

The genuine test in such a condition isn’t to become irritated and monitor your feelings. You might stay in contact with the relatives on telephone and discover the most recent states of the harmed family members. You should maintain a cool head during the meeting and answer your inquiries to the best of your capacity.

In the wake of perusing this response, you can comprehend that what is happening was not so irredeemable or either/or type, since it is feasible to be moral and furthermore accomplish your goal.

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It is feasible to make do and compose surprisingly better responses than this by you.

Similarly, there is an ordinary inquiry on citations of various masterminds and they can ask for any citation.

You can never plan deals with serious consequences regarding all citations of generally extraordinary men.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you know how to respond to such inquiries by rehearsing many such citations, you can undoubtedly address such inquiries



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