I started this beautiful and enriching online French book club adventure a year ago for beginners and intermediates.it was absolutely amazing and never in a million years could I have imagined a Zoom meeting would become so heartfelt and connected.
I was afraid it would be weird, embarrassing, cold and I’m thrilled to realize I was so wrong! To celebrate this
first anniversary, I want to launch something new, exciting and a bit challenging… vous êtes prêt pour le défi?So far we have read seven books of French and Francophone literature together with my middle group. Maintenance, we
look forward to discovering something new and different…like…a philosophy club! RELAX YOURSELF! You don’t need to have a philosophy degree or even any kind of philosophy knowledge to join us as I am basing this new course on a very popular French radio show that aims to appeal to the average French listener. Of course, you will receive the written text, while you can listen to the corresponding short radio episodes. Click HERE for a little taster, or should I say a taster to listen to! This France Inter radio show was a huge hit here in France. It means “Un été avec…” = “A summer with…” a great thinker, writer, poet.

Lets start with Michel de Montaigne, one of the greatest and my favorite French philosophers: profound and revolutionary, but easy and enjoyable to read. I’ve been studying philosophy at the University of Reims since 2016 and I’m so excited to finally share my love of philosophy with you! Intermediate students: SOLD OUT2022 February 8th, 15th and 22nd, March 1st at 6pm from France contact you me to make an appointment a free skype/zoom call.

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