You might be surprised to hear but there are other things besides getting your wallet empty at Sephora. Okay, we know you are thinking about the loads of pretty products you get when you go broke at Sephora but we are talking about the perks and the secret shopping tips at Sephora. Guess, no one told you about these but here we are, you’re loyal saving partner through thick and thin, telling you about some secret ways to score great deals at the store.
If you are tired of draining your entire savings at Sephora but cannot help your addiction too then keep reading and you will find something really amazing.

Student Discount

Something really special for young learners. Girls love makeup and even from a very young age, they are drawn to tones of beauty products online. We are pretty sure you are no different and it’s okay even if you are. And we know the struggle of making the end meet while being in college. Don’t take us wrong, College is fantastic. However, the breakdown of student debts isn’t a pretty thing. In reality, though, you may utilize the status of your student to receive up to 10% cashback on the purchase from Sephora at

Easy Return Policy

There are good return policies then there are amazing return policies. Yes, here at Sephora they have the best return policy you will ever find. Okay not to keep you waiting, but Sephora allows returns on even used products. Like the base which dried your skin after spending a week using it. Or you wore that lipstick on Saturday night that you dreaded seeing in pictures. You will receive your cash returned with a receipt – no questions. (You’ll get a shop credit without a receipt that’s still very great because the lipstick was used.)

Birthday Goodies

Do you wake up to zero messages on your birthday? Well, the life of being an independent single is hard, and no matter how much you live by the motto of self-love we all need some extra care especially on days like birthdays. No worries, if you don’t have someone to pamper you up on your cake cutting day, Sephora is here to ease your pain. You can get Sephora’s birthday gift right on your big day every year and the best part? They have the most amazing collection of items marked as their birthday gift package.

Special Beauty Deals Page

Sephora does the job here for you pretty literally. Make sure that tabs on this area of the site continually show what codes are available for discounts, transactions, and samples. Often they alter, so the tab is full of money-saving chances.

The Beauty Insider Program

The fundamental level of Sephora is known as Insider. However, clients who spend a minimum of $350 annually are enrolled as VIB members and customers who invest at a minimum of $1,000 annually are regarded as Rouges.
Now, here is the catch, Insiders gain one point for each dollar they spend on the retailer, while members of VIB receive 1.25 points. Red members earn the highest and receive 1.5 per dollar.
However, regardless of your level, the Sephora Rewards Market will be free to settle all Beauty Insider members for their rewards from the same site.

Semi-Annual Sales

Early access to up to 15 percent of goods from Beauty Inside two times a year. Make your beauty desire list for these biannual occasions and save your splurges. Think about the economies you love on this fantastic serum!

Sephora Flash Day

Consider this as your make-up Amazon Prime. Within two days of just $10 per year, you receive free of charge all the items that you order from your door (no minimum purchase required). Even better, Sephora Flash members may ship for just $5.95 if you need something over the night.

Customized Makeover

Most of us love makeup but the problem is we haven’t found our calling yet. Just because an eye shadow didn’t look good on you doesn’t mean your face is not the makeup type. It’s only about finding the right product and as if it is that easy. But Sephora has made it possible too.
If you’re aware that you’re plunging into a brand new look, create a makeover. You must pay at least $50, although you may pick items up by a certified artist. Let them know about your beauty experience, and they will do so.
Exciting part: you are going to receive professional suggestions on how best to create your new facial beat, it is powerful, and time is money as they say. If you reach the VIB Red you will be given an infinite free custom made-up, so you may save money for special events such as weddings to make-up a maker.

Free Samples

Did someone say free? Yes, we did! After the mouthwatering return policy, there is definitely more. Sure, anything you don’t like may be returned—but you may also take a range of goods to try before you buy (background, moisturizer, even lipstick, and eyeshade). Just ask a helping staff – they’ll pack everything up without asking any questions.

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