Latvia is an open country in the sense that international buyers can purchase properties, can do developments and also sell properties anywhere in the country. It must only be remembered that such property is acquired separately from the land on which it was constructed. People should note that international buyers will be allowed to lease land for as long as 99 years without any additional restrictions on their ownership of that property.

According to real estate experts,  among of all the Baltic states Latvia has the largest number of upmarket and luxury properties. According to available statistics there are almost 2,000 apartments in the market right now as well as approximately 450 houses and therefore there is many opportunities to benefit from.

In this article, we will look at the 5 most expensive areas to buy property in Latvia.

5. Priedkalne

The central market in Priedkalne is very popular among locals and among tourists because just about anything can be purchased there and it is a popular way to pass the time. There is also ice-skating training available in the region and there is the nightlife in this town which is providing numerous opportunities which can be engaged in. There are several tours available which can help tourists to get a comprehensive overview of the history of the region. A luxury villa can cost US$1.4 million.

4. Amatnieki

There is beautiful scenery in the region and there also pine forests. There are also a par 3 golf course as well as a beautiful park with trees which has been adorned with lights. This is providing the perfect place for hiking which gives people the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fresh air in the outdoors. The area is tranquil and quiet and it is the perfect place to unwind after a day at the office. An upmarket family house can be purchased for US$2.2 million.

3. Bieriņi

The neighborhood of Bieriņi is located in Riga which is the capital of Latvia. A lot can be learned about the history of Riga and its neighborhoods simply by visiting the House of the Blackheads but there is also St. Peters church which is extremely popular both among locals and visitors. This is also the tallest church in the city and it provides amazing views of the surrounding area. Another attraction is the central market in Riga which is one of the best meeting spots in the city and where many things can be purchased. A beautiful home in Bieriņi can be purchased for around US$2.7 million.

2. Jūrmala

You will find Jurmala on the Gulf of Riga. It is in fact a Latvian resort which is located just to the west of the capital of Latvia. There are a number of beautiful wood crafted art nouveau villas which have been constructed all along the seaside.

 There is also the amazing Jūrmala Beach and not far from there is the Dzintari Concert Hall complex which has been constructed in the 1930s and also the popular Dzintari Forest Park. You will find the Jūrmala city museum on the banks of the Lielupe River and this is the perfect place to learn about the history of this beautiful city by reading and viewing exhibits and documents which is available. A family residence can cost US$2.8 million.

1. Sunisi

There is a large number of beautiful parks Sunisi such as the Kemeru Nacionalais Park. There is also Meza Parks, Maiskly Park, Valli Park, Kadriorg Park, the Mini Zoo and Freedom Square. The Old City of Riga is also close by which is also known as Vecriga. Many people also go to the Riga central market and the Riga castle. Those motivated by religion and history visit St Jacob’s Cathedral or the Powder Tower. There is also the Turaida Museum Reserve and the Siauliai hill of crosses and the Red tower. A family residence can cost US$2.8 million.

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