Buying a new home or building one from the ground up can be thrilling and challenging for a newbie homeowner. There are so many factors that need attention, and one of the major ones include having the perfect layout design. However, the most important one is getting the ideal kitchen layout. Why? You ask! Because the kitchen and dining areas are one of the most functional areas of your home, it’s also the space where you or your better half spend most of the time. Therefore, getting it right is crucial when buying or building a new home. 

In this blog, we’ll share the best kitchen layout designs that you need to know about, so you can tell your architecture what you need. 


Thanks to true artistry, a clever design can take your kitchen game from 0 to 10. A kitchen offers homeowners a space to show off creativity and cooking skills and a place of comfort and warmth. Only the best conversations happen in this area. Also, this area is the most popular when it comes to functionality. Therefore, to add fuel to your creativity, it’s vital to create a space that has something inspiring waiting in every corner. Some critical factors contributing to this are height, width, storage spaces, and the liberty to move around without feeling cramped. 


Here is a list of some favorite kitchen designs popular among the masses. 

The Galley Kitchen Design 

A kitchen of this type saves you a lot of storage space by placing a gallery plank on your sink or stove area. You can easily store all your daily use necessities on top and right in front of your eyes for a quick grab and cook action. It’s one of the most economical cabinets used in any kitchen area and eliminates any corner cabinets’ requirement. With the flexibility of storage and uncomplicated design with fewer unique gadgets needed, this design is the first on our list. 

Single Wall Kitchen 

Usually, this design works best for small kitchens. A single wall layout focuses on efficiency rather than design, and it doesn’t affect your work and offers you pretty good coverage. Consisting of cabinets placed on a single wall, you can opt for installing cabinets in both upper space and lower areas. Considering the width you get, we suggest placing your refrigerator on one end and the oven in the middle with a sink on the other side. 

Furthermore, if your cabinets do not reach the top of the ceiling, utilize the space above it by placing less-used items on top or a basket full of antique pottery. 

The U-Shaped Kitchen Design 

Ideal for individuals living alone, the U-shaped kitchen consists of cabinets alongside three adjacent walls. A u-shaped design aids in storage; however, it can feel cramped if you have cabinets on the upper level of all three divisions. Hence, to avoid this enclosed situation, we suggest adding upper cabinets on one or two walls or going for open shelves, so it’s easier to grab and get anything essential. Furthermore, this layout offers an ideal moving space if you have guests. 

The Island Kitchen 

A popular choice among larger kitchen areas and homes, an island kitchen serves as an excellent alternative for cooking. You can design it any way you like. For food preparation, sink installations with a dishwasher on the downside, or leave it there as a dining accessory to enjoy loads of meals and snacks with your friends or family. 

Another great thing about this design is the freedom of natural traffic, and it utilizes an island for both work functions and social gatherings. Furthermore, you can decorate it with various bits and pieces to bring out a more aesthetic look, thanks to its distinct location. 

L-Shaped Kitchen Design 

Ideal for large and small kitchen areas, an L-shaped kitchen consists of cabinets on two perpendicular walls. Also, the open plank design of an L-shaped kitchen offers excellent flexibility for appliances and workplace adjustments. Although you can keep the L side of your kitchen as long as possible, it’s better to keep it minimal, around 4.5m for easy access and walkthroughs. 

PRO-Tips for Designing and Storage 

Aesthetics and essentials play a vital role in how other people see your chef’s space. Therefore, while architectures work on layouts, you need to understand the importance of the overall look. The suitable theme and color combination brings out more consistency and displays your ideas and creativity. Although cream and contemporary colors are more popular choices with cooking and dining spaces, playing with colors never hurt anyone. 

With time passing by quickly, the creativity of new homeowners has reached the sky. They intend to add their touch to everything. From designing to colors, themes, and cookware, they follow an order that screams versatility and aesthetics. 

The newest trend happens to be cafe-style home kitchens. These include turning your ordinary kitchen into a newly built next-door cafe with bar tools, coffee machines, and funky background wallpaper. Therefore, adding a touch of your flavor can help while you’re cooking or just having a chat with a close one. 

Kitchen Essentials

Workstations require having access to ample amounts of kitchen essentials that aid in making things easier. These can include many wholesale kitchen supplies like toasters, ovens, refrigerators, coffee makers, mixtures, juice makers, etc. Adding these to your cooking space helps in saving time and energy and gives you a perfect idea of how well-structured your kitchen layout is. 

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