There are many people who aim to settle in Canada. But the trail is somewhat challenging and you cannot simply productively go through it unless you have all the crucial information and data related to it. 

Well, in case you are forming your documents and looking forward to visit canada visa application center oman,  then there are a few things that may help you. Certainly, you can also take assistance of Immigration consultant for the finest results. Moreover, you know language skill, your overall job status can also aid crack the residency programme of Canada and more. Anyhow, for now you must walk through the following points to make the right moves.

Never skip CIC Checklist

You have to make sure that you read and evaluate and understand every single word of the checklist so you know really what they are looking for. Ensure that you have encompassed everything they are asking for, If it is appropriate to you. You can even add additional documents in case you feel your application demand them to prove that you should be granted permanent residence. Remember that the responsibility is yours (of the aspirant) to prove that you do satisfy the requirement of the program. 

Always preserve copies of the documents

Keep in mind that you should always preserve full copies of whatever kind of document or papers you submit to the CIC for your records. You should know exactly what your application for PR has as well as said. In case you are knowledgeable to attend an interview or CIC is questioning something, you need to be aware of what was in your application when you actually submitted it. 

Track the overall package

It is always good if you send your application by a method that can be tracked or technique like courier or Xpress Post, and keep the receipt with you. It is your evidence that your application has been submitted. And it even promises that you send it to the correct address that will be on your checklist. 

Always avoid staples

Using paper clips or that of binder clips  will be good for you to grasp your application together. Once CIC receives an application, they actually drill a hole in upper left-hand corner of all the papers and documents and they insert a fastener to simply grip the application together. It actually aggravates them to need to get rid of a group of staples, so make it easy for these people. If you make them frustrated with your staples , it might annoy them and they may disapprove. 

Complete the application forms on a computer

It is always great if you do the application forms on a computer. Evade to do handwrite them. It must definitely be a no-brainer in this smart age, but it is worth mentioning as well as repeating. In case you finish your form in an electronic type of manner, it is not only more convenient but even removes the risk of errors that can slow down the process of application. 


To sum up,  check out canada visitor visa from oman or similar visas and make sure that you keep all these things in mind. If the need be, don’t hesitate to take help of consultants.

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